DEI Logo at Morgan Properties in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

Our DEI Philosophy

Since our inception, Morgan Properties has aimed to provide value to our residents by creating living spaces where they can experience a sense of belonging and feel at home. We hold the same commitment to our employees as we are invested in creating a culture of respect and appreciation for their diverse perspectives. We believe that Diversity, Equity & Inclusion goes far beyond a singular initiative, but is rather a foundational element crucial to our ongoing strategic objective of continuing to strengthen the Morgan Properties brand.

Our DEI Vision: Together, we want to create a workplace culture where each employee feels connected, empowered, and heard.

Our DEI Journey

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Morgan Pride Logo at Morgan Properties

Our Pride Values

During our evaluation of organizational culture, we pinpointed areas where we could further strengthen our dedication to improving people policies, processes, opportunities for inclusion, and professional development that are in greater alignment with our PRIDE Values.

Building Our Corporate Culture

Social events at Morgan Properties in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
Community events celebrating DEI at Morgan Properties in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
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Recognition Highlights

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Work at Morgan Properties in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

Looking Forward

Morgan Properties is committed to continuing the journey toward a more inclusive and equitable tomorrow. While we are proud of how far we’ve come in our goals for creating an open and inclusive environment, hiring and retaining diverse talent at all levels, raising awareness and driving engagement, we know that there is always more work to be done. As we continue to look forward – by seeking out different perspectives and encouraging unique viewpoints – we want our employees and future employees to experience MORE with Morgan.

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